We build brand awareness through digital and print solutions.

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Services What we do

Design Services

We aim to construct a clear and attractive signpost for your brand by creating aesthetically pleasing designs.

  • Brand Design
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Ad Design
  • Custom Images

Print Services

We design, produce, and deliver a wide variety of print products to enhance your identity.

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Banners and Signs
  • Promotional Items
  • Labels and Packaging
  • Newsletters

Web Development

We create and renovate websites to provide your customers a clear window into who you are and what you do.

  • Website Design
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Media Design and Advertising

Portfolio How We Work

Waste Away Refuse, LLC.
Web Design
Weathercraft of Lincoln Co.
Web Design
Mobile Text Alerts
Brand Design
Acacia Linn Aesthetics
Web Design
Kriz-Davis Co.
Print Design
Weathercraft Roofing Co.
Brochure Design
Kriz-Davis Co.
Banner Design
Kriz-Davis Co.
Trophy Design
Kriz-Davis Co.
Banner Design
Kriz-Davis Co.
Duffel Bag Design
Mobile Text Alerts
Ad Design
Moehn Electrical Sales Co.
Banner Design
Mobile Text Alerts
Brochure Design

AboutWhy NGD?

Constructing your vision into a reality.

We specialize in graphic art design, print, and web development. If you’re looking for a unique and professional look with creative, reliable service, and clear communication on projects – Nicholson Graphic Design is your design center.

Located in Lincoln, NE, we provide clients with a variety of possible solutions to fit marketing, branding, and advertising needs.


We bring years of experience and skill to your projects and we take pride in our work. We have a passion for art, a curiosity of the world, and an eagerness to create designs that leave lasting impressions.

Clear Communication

While we are quick to respond to phone calls, texts, emails, and social media; we're also quick to understand your vision. Our clients are busy leaders. We seek to ask the right questions, welcome any critique, and produce drafts promptly in every project.


Meeting our clients' needs does not always come conventionally. We're prepared to spend time, create additional drafts, and go the extra mile to produce an excellent finished product that both we and our clients are happy with.

James Pelton, CEO Mobile-Text-Alerts
Nicholson Graphic Design has provided nothing but amazing service. They provide excellent and friendly service. I am not much of a designer, so I appreciate that Nicholson Graphic Design is able to take initiative and get the job done without much help from me.
Tim Berry, CEO Kriz-Davis Co.
NGD provides quality products with a wide variety of offerings to promote our company branding. Aaron delivers a full scope of design and print needs including business cards, marketing graphics, awards and much more. In addition to the breadth of services offered, NGD is a valuable partner to Kriz-Davis by being easy to do business with in the flexibility of design, prompt attention to needs and requests, and competitive pricing.

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